What do we have in store for you?

We believe in your potential to make us better when you join, and in return, we strive to give you the best working environment. What do we do for our people? Take a look at Fynd’s perks and benefits!

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Perks at Fynd

Financial Perks

In addition to the best salaries in the industry, we have thoughtfully designed more ways to increase our people’s wealth.

Annual Bonus

Enjoy a bumper bonus in the form of an extra salary after completing one year with us!

Learning Wallet

Our motto is continuous learning & continuous growth. Take your pick of online courses and we reimburse the cost to you.

Relocation Assistance

When you move cities to work with us, we cover many relocation expenses, arrange movers & packers and help smoothen the whole process.

Shopping Discounts

Be the first ones to know about sale offers, discounts and our special shopping coupons!

Work-life Balance At Fynd

We all need time to relax, recharge and work with a fresh mindset. With that in mind, we consistently keep improving the work-life balance across all offices.

Easy Work Days

We work 5 days with flexible work hours and a positive work-life balance.


From Goa to Mussoorie, we take our work with us to chill, enjoy life and get fresh perspectives.

Fun & Games

A well-equipped game room at the office. Fun Friday activities, tournaments on our gaming app, office parties & more!

Fynd For Health And Wellness

We understand the different lives, needs & responsibilities of our people outside the office. Health and the overall wellbeing of our people is of immense importance to us.

Medical Insurance

A Mediclaim cover for you & your family, Group Term Life Insurance (GTLI) for you. The benefit is on us, completely free of cost.

Annual Health Check-Up

Helping our people keep a track of their overall health, Fynd provides free annual health check-up and consultation call with a doctor.

Parental Leaves

We give 26 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave at Fynd.

Mental Health Check-In

We have a counsellor on board to provide discrete mental & emotional healthcare to our people whenever needed.

The Fynd Specials

Working at Fynd comes with some special treatment. We are invested in our people’s success and make sure that the journey towards that is pleasant!

Fynd Goodies

A welcome kit with exclusive merchandise, a MacBook & more. We also like to surprise our people with Diwali gifts & other celebratory goodies.

Above & Beyond

Fynd always lends a helping hand in tough times like securing covid beds, giving compassionate leaves, doing free vaccination drives etc.

Flex University

Our Flex University equips you with essential tech skills and trending training topics like Google Slides, Blockchain Basics, Investment Strategies etc.

Free Meals

You can enjoy everyday breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day!

Building Fynd For All

We are a company that welcomes talent from across the country and from all walks of life.


Our Equal Opportunity and POSH policies ensure that we maintain a safe, inclusive and healthy work environment for everyone, without biases.

Free-flowing Communication

We are honest & approachable. Our upward feedbacks, regular happiness check-ins & weekly chats with managers promote that.

Open Doors & Open Hearts

We are people-centric & have a relaxed chain of command. You get no micromanagement from us, just trust in your abilities.


Workspaces that inspire creativity, the latest tech and tools, and even a newly started shuttle service. We have everything you need!

Let's create the tech of tomorrow!
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Do what you like to do in a place that likes you back. Explore your passions, see great career possibilities, enjoy amazing perks & benefits, and grow together with us!

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