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Our portfolio covers advanced development suits supporting critical infrastructure changing the lives of millions with new aged technologies like AI, AML, AR, Blockchain, Big Data Ops and a lot more.

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Fynd Omnichannel platform

Operating System for Commerce

Fynd’s omnichannel platform is where smart technology meets ambitious retail to create a one-stop solution. Retailer brands can sync their store inventories across sales channels and manage catalogues, logistics and more.

Key People
Sriram Ramakrishnan
Lead - Growth
Vishesh Kumar
Lead - Growth
Mayur K Acharya
Lead - Enterprise Sales
Yazdan Irani
Lead - Enterprise Sales
Kritika Singhania
Sr. Manager - Enterprise Sales
Kavish Vora
Engineering Manager
Purav Shah
Engineering Manager
Kingshuk Bhattacharya
Engineering Manager
Kapil Kapri
Engineering Manager
Avinash Ajith
Engineering Manager
Arjunsingh Yadav
Engineering Manager
Vijay Hatewar
Chief Information Security Officer
Tushar Wadhwani
Software Development Engineer
Fahim Sakri
Staff Engineering Manager
Imran Khan
Engineering Manager
Jalak Vora
Engineering Manager
Arvind Mishra
Engineering Manager
Kaushil Rambhia
Engineering Manager
Kedar Aitawdekar
Engineering Manager
Pratik Patel
Staff Engineering Manager
Utkarsh Mankad
Engineering Manager
Darpan Pathak
Engineering Manager
Zissan Chowdhury
Engineering Manager
Sagarika Singh
Software Development Engineer
Sameer Dev
Software Development Engineer
Rajat Jain
Technical Program Manager
Md. Farhan Khan
Product Manager
Manish Singh
Software Development Engineer
Sameer Dev
Software Development Engineer
Vijay Hatewar
Chief Information Security Officer
Rajat Jain
Technical Program Manager

Enterprise-grade cloud platform for big data operations. Boltic is a low-code/no-code big data operations ETL platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. Built with the vision to simplify and make work life easier with automation.

Key People
Amboj Goyal
Engineering Manager
Komal Sharma
Technical Product Manager

A real-money social gaming app with multiple game genres, allowing players to win cash rewards in a safe, fair and transparent environment.

Key People
Ankur Chandra
Staff Engineering Manager
Abhishek Shinde
Game Producer
Abhay Gawade
Engineering Manager
Deepak Gavkar
Software Development Engineer
Robins Gupta
Engineering Manager

KraftNFT is a shared liquidity NFT market smart contract which is used by multiple websites to provide users the best possible experience.

Key People
Sahitya Kumar Suman
Software Development Engineer

A multi-lender embedded finance platform, providing one-click credit at checkout for customers, to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Key People
Nikhil Manapure
Engineering Manager
Yatharth Chaudhary
Technical Officer

Fynd Academy is an accelerated learning and placement program training freshers and experienced individuals to become industry ready.

Key People
Sayali Bhakurlekar

Tool Stack

Fynd uses a wide range of technologies, tools and applications to build the best products and experiences.

Vue JS
Postgre SQL
After Effects
Search Console
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Google optimise
Big Query
Data Studio
Google Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our platforms. In case you can't find the information here, please contact us.

What products does Fynd make?

After gaining expertise in retail tech products, Fynd has branched out to other fields over the years. We now have a big data ops platform, a social gaming app, a digital asset management platform and a lot more.

How many products does Fynd have?

Fynd currently has 14+ products including our commerce platforms, PixelBin, Boltic, Frolic, Potlee and others. With continuous growth afoot, you can look forward to more Fynd products soon!

What technology does Fynd use to make its products?

Scaling up with constant tech innovations, Fynd has grown to master a lot of different technologies and redefined their use for the masses. We work with AI, AML, AR, big data, blockchain and whatnot!

What is the best Fynd product?

We don't play favourites. Each of our products is created for improving the lives of brands, customers & retailers. Built with the latest tech and equipped for scalability, we put in our best to serve you the best!

What are the latest products that Fynd created?

Some of Fynd's latest products released in 2022 include: Boltic (a no-code big-data ops platform), Potlee (multi-lender embedded finance platform), PixelBin (an AI-powered digital asset management platform) and Frolic (an immersive real-money social gaming platform).

What is Fynd App?

Fynd has many products and apps in the market. We have the Fynd eCommerce App, serving customers across the country, the Fynd Platform App helping people set up their own brand website & online business, and the Fynd Store App that effectively gives digital in-store sales assistance to the staff.

What is Fynd Store?

Fynd Store is a unique in-store sales tool, helping brands' store staff boost sales. One can easily transform their brick-and-mortar, offline stores into new-age online stores with it!
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